As the world enjoys cloud-based technologies and advanced data center solutions, downtime prevention and business continuity have now become more critical than ever. In fact, especially for consumers, downtime for a service is an unaccepted phenomenon.

Whether you use a managed data center facility or you run your own data center, there are three key factors you need to constantly monitor if you want your servers, software, and applications to be up and running 24/7.

  1. Power comes first

Without power, your data center can be completely useless. So, make sure your data center enjoys multiple levels of power redundancy, allowing for zero downtime no matter what happens in the outside world.

Redundancy systems also require maintenance. To that, it is important to monitor and check the fuel levels of any backup system and power generators installed in the facility.

  1. Internet connectivity and bandwidth

Uninterrupted internet connectivity is another important component to data center uptime. There are many ways to provide an uninterrupted internet connection to a data center. This may include using multiple carriers to deliver bandwidth over different physical circuits, as well as receiving bandwidth through different technologies.

Of course, as far as connectivity and bandwidth are concerned, it is both reliability and capacity which should be addressed effectively.

  1. The environment

Every data center monitors the environment with great detail, in order to maintain uptime and keep things running smoothly.

Monitoring the temperature and humidity in all parts of the data center can not only prevent damage and downtime and it can also increase performance for the installed equipment.

It goes without saying that flooding, smoke, and fire detecting systems should be constantly available and monitored.

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