Done correctly, hybrid cloud infrastructure should certainly improve an organizations security level. However, security has to be a critical piece of a cloud strategy, or things might easily get out of hand. Let’s see what can go wrong in the process of setting up a perfect hybrid cloud.

Visibility of the systems

As companies start to set up more complex infrastructure (mix of clouds, data centers, etc.), it is more challenging for IT system admins to clearly view and control distributed systems that make up the complete infrastructure. And of course, this also translates into better control and security.

Companies who automate everything do have important advantages, avoiding manual processes which can trigger mistakes.

Multiple data points

Data can be compromised when used across complex cloud systems working together with legacy systems.

To deal with this challenge, companies have to take measures and protect data which is “at rest” and also data which is often transferred among systems and third parties for business reasons.

Taking effective methods to protect data on all sides depends not only on knowledge but also on strategy and effective execution.

Prioritizing and focusing on automating one thing at a time enables best practices to be carefully applied across all layers involved.

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