Zero tolerance for mistakes and downtime, attention to detail, and technologies rapidly evolving are making the life of a data center manager..well, not easy. So, what are the main characteristics a data center manager should have in order to succeed? Let’s read:

- Complete dedication

It goes without saying that running a business which runs 24/7/365 requires 100% dedication in order to ensure all requirements will be met.

- A talent for preventing incidents

A good data center manager is the one who can “foresee” the future and predict what can go wrong before it actually does.

Running constant checks, finetuning automation, and preventing incidents is not just part of the work. It is the most crucial part since it is the only way to minimize and even totally eliminate issues and the costs which come with it.

- An all-around business mindset

Until recently, a typical data center manager was a person well equipped more on the technical side of things.

Nowadays, things have changed quite a lot. The modern data center manager needs to have a clear business mindset as well.

The reason is obvious. We see technologies constantly evolving and we see businesses changing rapidly using these technologies. In order for their infrastructure to remain supportive, the data center manager should have a clear understanding of the “relationship” and the impact new technologies have on the actual business.

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