Artificial Intelligence is not only a hype, it is an actual priority for the majority of the businesses. However, most companies are struggling to find people with the right skillsets to support AI initiatives. Read more.

Recent studies from the US and Europe have indicated that more than 90% of businesses are considering Artificial Intelligence technologies to be among their top priorities for the coming years.

However, more than half of these businesses acknowledge the fact that they do not have the right mix of skills in house to turn their plans into reality. Also, they claim they are not confident enough to look for these skills in the market or they do not even know if these skills are available in the market anyway.

So, how can a company build the right team to develop impactful AI projects? Here are some interesting thoughts:

As far as skills for AI technologies and advanced automation are concerned, it is common that companies are looking for people with exceptional coding and software development skills. At the same time, they are prioritizing their search for data scientists (visualizations and analytics) and for all things related to machine learning (from coders to neuroscientists).

Instead of looking for new hires, many businesses are now investing money in retraining existing employees.

As far as new hires are concerned, skills that are quite new in the market can be found almost only among recent university graduates.

In fact, a mix of retrained employees with young new hires seems quite an interesting combination for most businesses anyway.

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