The hybrid cloud is one of the “hottest” technologies currently in the global business landscape. Involved IT professionals enjoy significant benefits while offering critical solutions to their businesses. What skills do they have? What talents should your team have in order to support your business’ quest in the cloud? Read more:

Coding of course…and data management

In reality, the cloud creates a whole new approach to software development, allowing people to create and run much faster applications that can scale up much faster due to the cloud’s capacity to handle large volumes.

To that, people who work on the cloud are expected to have exceptional and databased management skills, which are constantly updated.

Cloud certifications

Certifications from important cloud providers are also quite important for IT professionals. They complement the practical experience and offer actual hands-on experience. Continuous learning is crucial for IT professionals.

Ability to handle multi-cloud environments

Cloud professionals have to be able to manage multi-cloud environments from multiple vendors, diverse platforms, and different data centers.

Utilizing data from multiple databases and matching new technologies with legacy systems is heavily expected from most IT professionals supporting companies in the hybrid cloud.

Business understanding

Cloud professionals also need business skills in addition to their technology skills. For example, they have to be able to manage teams with diverse backgrounds and/or negotiate important business parameters.

Of course, analysts who can model data and match it with specific business decisions for an effective presence on the hybrid cloud, are considered an important asset for every company and IT professionals should strive to stand out from the competition.

Resilience and flexibility

The hybrid cloud is a resilient and flexible solution for every company. To that, professionals supporting the cloud should have the same talents, to easily adjust to new circumstances.

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