You know your business can thrive with colocation. Here are 6 unbeatable arguments to advocate colocation to your boss.

1. Amazing customer service

Getting colocation with customer support means your business can be supported 24/7 by experts in the field. Is not that real peace of mind for you and for your boss?

2. Reduced downtime

Using colocation in an advanced data center facility safeguards your business against server downtime and against all types of outages.

Having zero downtime and your servers running 24/7 can even produce a significant competitive advantage against competitors who will face downtime from time to time.

3. Cost reductions

Using the space and the resources in an advanced data center with colocation means that your business saves quite a lot of money. You can have access to enterprise-level resources and bandwidth for much lower costs since colocation allows for all the benefits of economies of scale.

4. Flexibility – Scalability

Colocation is a great tool for businesses to grow their infrastructure and scale their workloads without the need for investing in owned and expensive data center space and rooms.

Shared facilities can offer amazing scalability options for businesses looking to thrive in the digital spectrum.

5. Total security

Advanced data center facilities offer super complete physical & digital security, including physical intrusion, network security, video security, protection against environmental disasters. They also offer unique and very expensive power back up systems.

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