Undoubtedly, Covid-19 outbreak forces businesses to adjust rapidly to the changing requirements of their customers and their people, while experiencing many operational challenges. Let’s see the areas the IT decision makers should focus so as to deal with the challenges the pandemic has created:

Cloud-computing adoption

With the COVID-19 crisis unfolding, IT leaders are expected to make crucial decisions that will impact the enterprise’s long-term sustainability and profitability. A flexible Hybrid cloud deployment will give them the opportunity to be agile and respond rapidly to the new reality, enabling them to adapt their workloads and processes remotely. Remote working seems to be the new normal so IT people have to accelerate remote workforce providing the needed technology to support and ensure that the capacity, bandwidth and availability of all systems will address the increased needs of this new reality.

Business continuity

The COVID-19 outbreak brought many new challenges and has reshaped the term of potential threat to the uninterrupted operation of a business while highlighting the necessity of hosting the data of a business safely. This means that IT leaders must retest both their business’ continuity and disaster recovery plans to develop strategies and procedures that will shield their business operation and will ensure the uninterrupted delivery of their services. Whether it’s a business or a public sector organization, a Business Continuity plan can ensure that the full function will be re-established as quickly and smoothly as possible, providing stability and security. With a Business Continuity plan, business’s digital workspaces have the required data & information, hardware, software, or any IT resource available 24X7X365 for any circumstances.


Now, more than ever, organizations need to secure connectivity to drive their business forward through the global pandemic and avoid any downtime which will lead to lost sales, decreased productivity, and other related expenses. Choosing a carrier-neutral colocation provider with high levels of data center connectivity is one of the most important decisions an IT leader can make given that high speed internet and great performance are being of vital importance when referring to data center connections as it allows businesses to exhibit a strong presence in their market even remotely!

Data Centers are the pillars of the digital economy and as one of the largest Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery providers in SE Europe, Middle East & North Africa, we strive to maintain the uninterrupted operation not only of our business but also of our customers. It is crucial to preserve the local economy as active as possible while also protecting all involved parties. We continue to provide the high-quality levels of service that we have been proud to deliver for the past 16 years and as we monitor the situation we will review, update, and advise accordingly safeguarding people & business.

The long-term effects of COVID-19 in business operations are still being assessed, so in case you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Lamda Hellix via this form.