Due to the rapid changes in the digital world, the vast majority of organizations are using some kind of hybrid cloud infrastructure. As IT teams are choosing which configuration to follow, the winners will be the ones who will soon realize that the right decision strongly depends on strategic thinking. In fact, it is all about combining business objectives, operating costs, security, and growth plans which shape this decision.

Of course, as it comes with everything in business, it is all about maximizing the return on this investment.

Colocation is the solution for optimum ROI

Investing in a hybrid cloud infrastructure can be quite expensive. Even for advanced tech companies, it is often impossible to combine resources such as money, IT staff, security, hardware and software to create a secure and scalable hybrid cloud environment. Of course, for small and medium-sized business this is often completely impossible.

So, here comes Colocation, a service offered by advanced data centers allowing businesses to manage and maintain a secure and scalable private cloud, in an environment with advanced connectivity and resources which allow the infrastructure to collaborate efficiently with the public cloud and with other resources.

For the vast majority of businesses, no matter their size, this is the only way they can actually balance cost and returns and quickly capitalize on what efficient cloud infrastructure can offer.

Of course, even for larger organizations with existing cloud infrastructure, Colocation can be a perfect addition enabling them to leverage the power of their data center in order to fine-tune their business results and meet with current and future business objectives.

After all, businesses running without Colocation often face significant issues in aspects such as changing capacity requirements and evolving business needs.

Not only that. We have seen global organizations often suffering from data breaches and paying millions in fines, simply because their in-house facilities at some point failed to protect data resources from attacks.

Can your organization afford to face this struggle?

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