Moving to the cloud is becoming a must-do process in order for businesses to navigate through these challenging times and maintain their uninterrupted operation. It is a sizeable undertaking that requires the right preparation and strategy so as to ensure the company involved keeps things up and running, while the mission-critical workloads are migrated across.

Let’s take a close look on what companies should consider so as to move to the cloud world as smoothly as possible in order this initiative brings the maximum amount of benefit to their business.

Payment model

When it comes to the cloud, there is no one-size-fits-all service payment model. IT managers or the company’s executive have the flexibility of adopting a ‘pay-as-you-grow model’, which is a fully customized solution that can be adjusted to company’s real needs paying solely for the resources you use. We don’t have to forget that cloud solution is closely connected with cost savings as it doesn’t require any steep upfront cost.

Strategic plan

Companies should develop a strategic plan and it's crucial to plan comprehensively! It should be compliant to the broader strategic goals of the company and identify the benefits to be realised by adopting a cloud solution, ensuring that company’s personnel and assets are protected and will be able to function quickly in any possible case.

Address data privacy issues

As companies move data to the cloud, they must come to grips with the security and privacy compliance implications. Companies need to be aware of several factors such as understanding the implications associated with global security and data privacy requirements. Privacy regulations are extremely important and can have strong ramifications if not taken seriously and not executed by a professional.

Consider the Hybrid Cloud solution

A company using hybrid cloud solutions, utilising the benefits of a cloud provider and the safety of a neutral data center provider, has significant benefits. One of them is employing multiple locations eliminating the risk of failure. Another one is that advanced hybrid cloud solutions offer scalability and appear to be flexible enough to support a growing business. The data migration of a company using a Hybrid Cloud solution is a completely seamless process as if they were a single environment.

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