Undoubtedly, COVID-19 pandemic has made life more difficult for people and businesses of all sizes.

Due to the unstable situation, organizations are facing many obstacles, so entrepreneurs are turning to their CIO’s for guidance in navigating into the crisis and enabling digital transformation to continue to stay afloat. Let’s see below three ways business leaders can follow to keep their business running even remotely and emerge more relevant than ever!

Modernize Cloud foundation

Leveraging cloud benefits and developing a strategy to save costs and bring speed and agility turns to be a necessity! A flexible infrastructure, using modern engineering principles like scalability, agility, and self-service will boost further the growth potential for businesses. No one can deny that advanced security and robust computing resources supporting critical systems and applications, are of high importance for businesses that want to ensure their systems will be operating properly and efficiently at any time under any circumstance.

Meet security requirements

Adopting the right technology to minimize the risk of a security or data breach it’s not just a case, it’s a reality! For businesses that want to ensure high availability and high level of physical and digital security, investing in colocation seems to be a smart choice. The Colocation provider grants the building and guarantees data connectivity, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security reassuring through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) the uninterrupted operation of their systems.

Implement a Business Continuity Plan

Having a plan to prevent and recover from any potential threat, making sure that personnel and assets are protected and able to function quickly will give your company a competitive advantage! We have all seen that a potential threat is not just a natural or social disaster; it can also be an unknown threat, like a virus, jeopardizing the availability of your business. Keeping your business trading during and after an incident will reinforce your relationships with your customers and partners, safeguarding your company’s reputation and strengthen your position towards your competitors.

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