Humanity is experiencing a new reality to the business’s approach, with digital transformation being the absolute top business priority of any company worldwide. Nowadays, companies aim to modernize their applications and scale their capabilities, so adopting a hybrid cloud strategy seems to be the only valuable solution. Even though the Ηybrid Cloud – the combination of public and private Cloud - gives organizations flexibility in addressing application modernization, it also introduces new risks that the IT leaders should predict. So, let’s see the key considerations the IT department need to evaluate when considering a hybrid cloud move.

First and foremost, IT executives should create a cloud infrastructure environment that can meet their organization’s future needs and be flexible to accommodate changes. By operating within a consistent hybrid cloud approach, organizations can quickly respond to the rapidly changing technological landscape and protect their investment with a flexible and adaptable solution.

Companies should also check their applications for cloud compatibility. To put it simply, companies should evaluate whether a particular application is suitable for the Cloud or not. If the latter happens and is critical to keep using the incompatible application, they need to update or reconfigure it. In case all the apps are compatible, organizations should make sure to back up and move their data to a new database to avoid data loss.

Last but not least, when moving to a hybrid cloud and choosing a cloud service provider, the IT decision-makers should select a hyper-scale data center provider on established cost management and pricing models. This choice will allow companies to manage their budget seamlessly and consistently, reduce capital expenditures, and increase agility.

These points are critical for the existence of a business in an unpredictable new reality. Organizations can lower management overhead and simplify cloud processes with a standard operating experience across clouds. Instead of managing each Cloud with its native tooling, they can have a holistic view and a single interface to work from.

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