The global coronavirus outbreak and the new challenges the organizations had to deal with - remote working, social distancing, company shutdowns or restricted activities, employees' health, safety, et cetera. - highlighted the need to ensure a secure and ongoing system operation. Remote working, the adoption of digital tools, and virtual channels to communicate with clients become a necessity. Consequently, the need for advanced technology to support remote access and security to protect the company from cyber threats due to remote working was increased. Colocation Data Centers turn to be the best choice for businesses that want to weather any storm. Let's see why!

Partnering with a colocation data center means that businesses can benefit from the latest innovations in technology. Strategically located data centers positioned near affordable and sustainable energy sources with high-quality fiber connection and backup systems can ensure consistent service and uninterrupted operations.

Moreover, colocation data centers allow businesses to maintain control over their resources and keep their costs manageable. This means that businesses can avoid the upfront costs of building and maintaining a data center of their own as a colocation data center provides a fully functional, professionally managed infrastructure accessible at any time.

Last but not least, colocation data centers offer remote hands services, an essential service, especially nowadays with the restriction in movements. Colocation data center employees perform various on-site services on behalf of their customers and address uptime challenges quickly around the clock and year-round. Thus, remote hands service enables organizations to focus on internal tasks doing business with their customers as always utilizing their technical staff in other tasks instead of sending them to a colocation facility for maintenance or support issues.

It's obvious that in every crisis, there is an opportunity for those who can quickly sense and adapt. The COVID-19 pandemic proved that colocation centers can maintain seamless operations when paired with robust business continuity plans. So, be sure your organization remains up-to-date and sufficient, check your business continuity procedures, and consult us for further help or guidance. Do you think you need help to do all these? Trust the experts and contact us!