In an effort to achieve further growth, digital businesses need to integrate multiple applications, data types and data sources in a secure environment with low latency. To that, a carrier-neutral colocation facility allows digital businesses to deploy applications using a data center interconnect fabric modeltriggering significant opportunities for advanced solutions, based on the options of technology and topology.   



Peer – to – peer interconnectivity 


What is the data center interconnect fabric model all about? 

What we have here is a model in which the assets of a multitenant data center are directly connected to each other and positioned to operate in a peer-to-peer manner. Even with simple cross-connects, such as fiber-optic, these assets enable horizontal connections with multiple carriers, cloud providers, peers and service providers.  


What does this mean for digital businesses?  

Let’s think of this as a reverse process of the outdated model of bringing the network to the enterprise. Digital businesses now can leverage the new approach of bringing the enterprise and its applications to the network. It involves mixing interconnection and highspeed enterprise access together with enterprise assets, such as compute, storage, and networking. 


As a result, this adept combination empowers innovative digital businesses with the ability to develop advanced applications, based on technology and topology preferences.  



Carrier-neutral data center interconnection in brief


- It is led by demand for low latency connectivity. 

- The speed of communication between partners can make a real difference, allowing them to offer faster, more secure, and more efficient services. 

- As data center interconnections become more dynamic, they foster the development of even more advanced applications. 

- Over the next three to five years, container orchestration systems are expected to develop further capabilities and affinity in conjuction with data center interconnect fabrics. Thus, the key advantages of the data center - centric model on colocation will eventually evolve into something amazing!  


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