Managers, responsible for compiling business continuity (BC) plans, have to overcome some serious challenges. Here are a few things they need to have in mind while crafting a solid and effective BC path to resilience



Challenge 1: Think strategy 


First and foremost, managers need to realize that a BC strategy and a BC plan are somehow different things. The strategy comes down to the organization’s “real-world” ability to recover. Even if there is a documented plan already in place, management must first reflect on the organization’s ability and at the same time evaluate the resources available to deliver the plan and recover. 


Challenge 2: Secure the basics first  


Creating a plan does not have to be a strictly linear, ongoing and long-term process of documentation. The purpose is to omit exposure to risks and disruptive occurrents. To that, BC managers can first work on mapping a rapid process of closing the gaps as quickly as possible, and then build a solid plan on top of that. This initial approach does not need to be perfect. It should simply secure the organization’s basics by having a starting response capability in place. 

A quick initial process will obviously serve as the ultimate platform to build on, on the way to creating a complete and feasible plan.  


Challenge 3: Invest in detail and accessibility 


Another important aspect to consider is making the BC plan easily accessible. Accessibility in times of trouble is key and all involved members need to have a thorough understanding of the actions to be taken 

At the same time, setting the right level of detail in the plan requires BC managers to stick to the culture and the structure of the organization. For example, they should consider crafting extended descriptions for actions usually carried out by a small number of staff, or actions expected to be undertaken by external collaborators.  

It does not necessarily have to be the same with actions carried out by large number of staff To ensure the specific resilience needs of the organization, managers should align their approach with pre-existing processes for information collection, review and decision making. A good example would be to follow what is already on the risk management agenda.  


Challenge 4: Secure the veracity of the plan 


Managers need to start fruitful conversations with the people in and around the company, about whether they think the plan will actually work, in the real world. People need to act as the devil’s advocate. This is particularly important where there are many different types of plans to be interoperable.  

After allbusiness continuity is never just “the BC managers’ job”. It is the organization’s approach as a whole and because of that, many BC managers have to work not with a single plan, but with a series of plans spanning the organization.  

Last, to secure the veracity of the plan, BC managers need to confirm that all individuals involved in the organization are able to take responsibility, both during the ongoing process and also as the plan develops.  



What do Business Continuity Services usually include? 


Advanced data centers offering Business Continuity Services, like Lamda Hellix, we accommodate our customers with guaranteed working space and computing equipment, which, in case of disaster, will allow them to: 


- Continue their operations uninterrupted.

- Minimize and/or eliminate the risk of revenue and reputation loss.  


Our Business Continuity Seats include - among other things - desks, chairs, a dual cable interconnection for voice and data and dedicated UPS backed by generators. By upgrading the standard Business Continuity seat with computing equipment that mirrors the workplace the user is accustomed to, in terms of software applications and environment, it helps reduce the time required for users to become immediately operational. 


The seats are located within our data centers facilities and are supported by the same infrastructure allowing reliable, secure, and uninterrupted business operations. 


You need to be prepared! 

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