Infrastructure and Operation (I&O) business leaders are facing a set of important challenges, on route to driving digital transformation for their businesses. Juggling their thoughts between cloud computing and the Internet of Things, they are often contemplating the future role of their on-premises data centers.

To get to the point, I&O leaders are now looking beyond basic floor space, power, cooling and simple network connectivity. They strive to remain true to their use cases and they expect colocation providers to contribute all the necessary assets to do so.

Let's see how this can be achieved.

Moving to an agile and flexible environment

The process of aligning the right colocation provider with the use cases is crucial and certainly it is not an easy one for any modern business working on its digital transformation.

Enterprise strategists often need to connect their options and overall strategy only with premium colocation providers matching their criteria for optimal business functionality.

Premium colocation providers, such as Lamda Hellix, provide a set of impactful services carefully designed to meet the needs of modern enterprises.

This type of providers, among other things, usually offer:

- Carrier neutrality: Enhanced colocation sites offer their customers the choice of multiple carrier options. Here you can find out what carrier-neutral interconnectivity is all about and why it is useful for businesses.

- Platforms full of opportunities: The customers at premium colocation sites enjoy a significant number of easily adoptable services that go beyond the poor value of simply using a floor space.

- Flexibility when requirements change: Premium colocation providers use the concept of interconnect fabrics or secure and private connections to multiple cloud services via a single connection. This arms businesses with a mechanism of seamlessly moving between or switching services required to be aligned with their use cases and continuously evolving business objectives.

In terms of suitability, businesses often choose premium colocation providers for reasons like these:

- They deploy applications that demand a certain degree of scalability and flexibility though an extensive range of colocation support services.

- They can benefit from the available ecosystem, and from other high-performing deployment options.  

- They decide to significantly reduce or even eliminate on-premises data centers. In this case, premium colocation providers can offer a migration option that guarantees uninterrupted operation, strongly connected to business objectives.

- They are in need of faster and inexpensive processing of data or reduced latency for customers.


Our advice

Businesses trying to balance things between growing on-premises data centers, colocation services and hybrid cloud solutions are finding it hard to keep up with requirements, budgetary constraints and their use cases.

It is clear however, that prior to making any decision related to colocation, enterprise strategists have to carefully define use cases and business objectives. This will help them identify which provider is more suitable for their needs.  

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