Optimizing existing technologies, adopting new systems, leveraging automation, and investing in hardware and software makes no real difference unless changes are “visible” from the customer side as well. Is it so? Let’s find out!

There is an actual research from the US triggering showing that digital transformation is often considered as meaningless if changes do not reflect on the customers. Well, the truth is that most changes in the digital spectrum for the majority of businesses have low visibility. As a result, consumers often underestimate the investments businesses are making in the digital spectrum. But does this mean that those investment bring no value to them? Let’s see why this is happening.

There are plain and logical reasons why many companies keep their digital transformation efforts focused on internal processes and procedures. Yet, with this perspective, the actual impact of these investments can be very limited.

How can this change? How can companies increase the customer impact of their digital transformation efforts? Here are a few tips:

  • Have a complete end – to -end strategy and avoid individual initiatives

Very often we see initiatives been driven by individual departments with diverse objectives. Instead, managers should have a centrally driven digital transformation strategy, on a consistent and enterprise-driven strategy and executive buy-in.

  • Aiming for actual measurable results, not just for initiatives

It is important for businesses to understand that digital transformation projects can be worthless, unless they offer actual and measurable results, rather than being just generic initiatives.

Actual and measurable results can be realized if all efforts are matched with optimized customer experience.

After all, using updated or new technologies to offer better customer experience is the perfect way of getting the most significant return from any digital transformation investment.

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